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Who is Move Tours and Safaris?

Hello, my name is Jonathan. I was born and raised in South Africa and I inherited my passion for African bush from my parents. My mother was born in Lusaka and raised in Barotseland (Western Zambia) on the banks of the Zambezi River. and my father is a horticulturist. I worked as a chef in South Africa for 10 years before realising my true passion was to work in the bush as a guide, sharing this passion with toursists. So one day I packed up my life in Cape Town and went to work for a well established safari company where my skills as a safari guide were honed. I met my wife while on the job and we live in switzerland. I now use my passion, skill, knowledge and experiences in Africa to assist people with that burning desire to visit Africa find the right tour.

Move Tours&Safaris

My mom, Lyn, on the far left, meeting children of a Lozi village Induna. Click image to read "Wonders of an African childhood"

Myself, in one of my favourite places, the Okavango Delta. 

Move Tours&Safaris

My grandparents (Tim & Moira Brent) and mother going to Katima Mulilo to visit friends 1950. Click image to read "Wonders of an African childhood"

What makes Move Safaris different, why book with us?


  • Small group travel


  • Knowledge with passion and a personal interest in assisting you find the right tour


  • Actual travel and guiding experience in Africa (living in Africa)


  • Our price is the same price you would get when booking direct with our tour operator partners, and sometimes we are cheaper!


  • For first time travelers to Africa - We would like to help you prepare by giving you information specific to the areas you will be visit


We know what it is like as a first time traveler to Africa and we can inform and prepare you so that when you arrive at the tour departure point in Africa, you the traveler, are not confronted with any surprises, unexpected expenses or lacking in travel gear.


For example: Quality of tour vehicle, accommadation standards, the nature or character of the tour - so that you choose the right tour, the right power point adapters for charging your camera(power points vary through out the region), the weather, clothing and the standard of meals, (should your tour include meals prepared by the tour guide) extra activities along the way, general safety and so on.


As a result, you arrive in Africa like a seasoned traveler. Saving yourself and your tour guide valuable time as well as ensuring a more fluid and enjoyable tour for everyone in the group. You will know what to expect as well as what not to expect. Enjoy the preparations!




Trademarks of Move Tours and Safaris

  • linking travelers with the right tours in thier desired destinations that offer quality and enriching experiences with reputable tour operators, quality tour guides and ethical tourism

  • adequate pre-tour preperations and communicatio

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