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Move Safaris

Responsible Travel

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Responsible travel, communities and wildlife conservation


For those of us who have had the blessing of experiencing Africa's untouched wilderness areas, walked through the African bush and travelled through national parks, seen a family herd of elephants socialy bonding and greeting each other, caring for their young, or a pride of lions on an early morning game drive warming themselves in the African sun, heard the stallion zebra's in the distance, slept in a tent and heard lions and hyenas calling in the night.... your safari guides passion and enthusiasm for the African bush and his or her lack of wanting to do anything else in life but be a guide ..... you know how precious these moments are,


Not all, but some of us are aware that wildlife and eco-systems are under constant threat of extinction or environmental damage from various abuses suffered at the hands of greedy man. Whether it be a mining company, a poacher killing animals for ilegal animal parts, meat, rhino horn, ivory, or even a tourism related organization pusuing wealth through the abuse of its staff or surrounding natural resources. Therefore it is important to know who you are supporting in the tourism industry, and what exactly are their goals and ambitions for the world you seek to travel to and know more about. Be responsible and support companies who are working towards mending the existing problems between human and wildlife conflict, reducing their environmental impact and innovating to create harmony between community and environment.

Find the real Africa with Move Safaris in Southern Africa.

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