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Move Tours and Safaris

Travel, Communities and Conservation

Move Tours & Safaris is a small tour operator dedicated to travel in South Africa and Southern Africa. Move Safaris believes that South Africa is the ultimate travel destination that rival's all its neighbouring countries and world wide destinations. South Africa offers something for every traveller.


We have travelled here, lived here, and we work here. With a special focus on wildlife and culture and an emphasis on responsible tourism and sustainable service providers and tourism partners, our itineraries place you in the midst of everyday-life in Africa. Experiencing your travel destination is what makes your trip valuable -  this is our task. Tours can be booked through the website, we also have a representative in Switzerland.

authentic african travel

Discover Southern Africa

Reisen Sie mit Gleichgesinnten und genießen Sie die Abenteuer, die vor Ihnen liegen. Kleine Gruppen, inklusive Mahlzeiten und Eintrittsgelder und erfordern eine Form der begrenzten Teilnahme, d.h. laden Sie Ihre eigene Tasche auf, helfen Sie bei der Zubereitung der Mahlzeiten. Verantwortungsbewusste Tourismusunternehmen.

Private safaris with Move Tours and Safaris. Travel your destination with your own personal tour guide and safari or tour vehicle. Move will assist you in designing your own holiday or safari according to your tastes & interests, or one of our suggestions.

Self Drive Safaris

Probably the best way to experience a country and its culture if you prefer not to travel with a group. Travel at your own pace and stope and soak up the scenery as you please. 4x4 Safari vehicles as well as other types of vehicles you may choose to tour in.

Family Safaris &Holidays

Just because its in Africa or in the bush does not mean you cannot take your little ones. Move has family oriented lodges and tours for you. Take to the teens too! 

Experience the thrill of the adventure by driving a hired 4x4 safari camper but with the support of a guide and cook in their own camper, who will navigate and organize the daily routine making sure you get the best out of your self-drive adventure. 

Destinations: Zambia, Zimbabwe, RSA, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia

Travel with like minded people and enjoy the adventures ahead of you together. Small grooups, included meals and entrance fees and require some form of limited participation ie load your own bag, help with meals preparation. Some lodge nights. Responsible tourism operators.

All our luxury safaris are cunducted by ethical safari companies and organizations, who are also experts in their field of creating an authentic African safari experience for you. Minimal environmental impact and working with thier communities and wildlife conservation. Lodges & luxury tented camps

Walking Safaris, Move Safaris

Walking safaris and trails still remain as the best way to experience African bush and wildlife

Do you have a heart for Africa?

Are you desperately wanting to get involved in community projects or wildlife rescue? 

Nature Studies

Ever wanted to know as much as your guide does about the bush? Want to become a guide?

Gain a deeper understanding of African wildlife and nature. Enrich your natural science studies with a term at nature guides training school.

Or enrich your own interest in the African bush or train to become a nature guide.


Would you like to volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation centre? 

Conservation & cummunity projects

Move will advise you only on ethical centres and initiatives.

Do you have a skill you can donate?


Our overland tour partner is involved in building schools and taking under-previlidged children out into wildlife areas. This gives them an opportunity they would not normally have - to learn about the environment and that it is imperitive to care for it. Connecting them with nature.

Help support this educational trip

Poaching Crisis- How can you help?

Habitat encroachment, Ilegal hunting and trapping of wildlife is a serious threat to the future of our natural heritage. Find out how you can help.

Saving the Survivors

These creatures are being slaughtered at an unprecedented rate, pushing them closer to extinction.

After the horn has been brutally chopped out, the rhino is left with with gaping wounds and dies a slow and agonising death. If STS gets to the rhino in time, they try to save its life and in doing so, save a species.  A % of the profits from selected tours go to STS operations.

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